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Special Events


Diu 3 Days Mahasivratri Mahotsav : during this 3 days millions of people visits Somnath Temple ( please confirm date before booking as this fair will held as per Hindu calendar, somewhere during the month of August)
Diu Lilli Parikrama (circumambulation) is starts from Bhavnath Temple in Junagadh and also ends there covering 6 miles. The fair held on the Hindu calendar date of Kartik Sud 11 to 15, during the months of October-November.
Diu Diu Festival : Diu is a popular Tourist Destination due to its scenic beauty, the wonderful sandy beaches and the heritage buildings. The Diu Festival commenced from 1993 and since then it is continuing every year in the month of December starting from 19th for two to four days.
Diu Sasan Gir : Sasan is the only place where you will find Asiatic Lions, however Gir has much to offer than only Lions as Gir covers 1412 km2 (about 258 km2 for the fully protected area (the national park) and 1153 km2 for the Sanctuary). Gir park remains open from October to mid June and remains closed during monsoon, however during monsoon you can find many birds as they travel during monsoon.